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Philosophy & mission

Digital Skills Training CIC invests in, and levels up, the present and future skill set of individuals and communities.

Life-changing learning

Possession of digital skills can have a positive impact, personally and professionally, individually and socially, giving people the chance to achieve their ambition. Our learning experience will give many, from creatives to entrepreneurs, new skills and confidence to fulfil their potential in a digital world.

Access for all

Our ultimate social impact objective for the future is to create a safe, well-equipped and effective learning environment in the Leeds area. 

For many, having access to hardware, software and apps can be a challenge. We aim to provide these where needed, giving opportunities to those who might otherwise miss out.

Our targets include the creation of an online hub and forum where service users can view their progress, store learning documents and collaborate in teams/groups. We aim to expand the service to people across the North West – with a greater reach we can upskill more communities and create a positive social effect.

Using free and open-source software to teach digital skills

For creative design and video production our preferred software option is Adobe Creative Cloud. However, Scribus, Inkscape, GIMP, Figma and others offer an opportunity to learn the same techniques.

Employment & entrepreneurship

Fused with the bright ideas, drive and entrepreneurial spirit of learners, our marketing and design experience will help to open pathways to further learning, job opportunities and entrepreneurship by:

  • partnering with local organisations and businesses.
  • linking people with practical, real-world vocational training.
  • mentoring individuals on how to apply their skills to reach their goal.
  • supporting the creation of new local businesses.
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