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Instructor-led learning

Hey team, does this swirly font work with my design?”

That’s a question you can’t ask an online course!

You can learn pretty much anything on the internet, and there are many ways of doing so.

Our digital skills course are instructor-led, ideally in-person (aka real-life) but also via video conferencing. This offers distinct benefits over what could be called a self-led online learning experience achieved by watching videos or ticking off chapters of a structured course.

Some benefits of instructor-led learning are:


  • By nature a planned experience, which encourages commitment.
  • Tutors are aware of a learner’s level and can mould / advance training accordingly with specific instruction on the fly.
  • Bouncing ideas, collaboration and brainstorming is very much possible in the moment; relationship building between learners can spark business ideas.
  • Bespoke learning experiences are possible; learning can be carefully shaped around goals and aims. For example, creating a small business or startup website with the founder / other stakeholders.
  • Not quite as easy to check Facebook or Twitter during learning time!
  • Can operate as a more traditional style of learning which suits some people better, especially those lacking basic computer skills.



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