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Employment & skills mentoring

Get work-ready with byte-sized learning

Our instructors are passionate about the software that we use to help learners, and our lessons stoke enthusiasm. It’s exciting to be involved in the arena of technology and culture surrounding digital skills.

We make sure fundamentals are covered before diving into advanced techniques so that learners understand not only how, but why.

Workflow is a crazily important part of working in digital design and marketing so we keep that threaded through all disciplines.

The right skills for today’s workplace

Techniques and experience acquired during our courses can be applied to real-world projects and translate across tasks. For example, learning about Photoshop layers via designing a flyer for your community group translates to being able to use Photoshop layers when creating a social-media post image.

Keyboard shortcuts … essential when using digital skills in the workplace. Time-saving, productivity-building shortcuts are heavily programmed into our learning. Plus we will need to keep up with the robots at some point!

We stay up-to-date on new and helpful software updates to ensure learners are up to speed with the latest, useful functionality.

In certain circumstances we can provide work experience (sometimes paid) and vocational training with our team’s own real-world companies – with work-ready mentoring at the heart of the process.

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