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Adobe InDesign CC Training

Adobe InDesign is a rock solid, industry standard, page-layout application that provides fine-grained control over typography and other design elements.

Skill level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Apps & tools

Adobe InDesign


Decent Mac/PC skills

Skills learned

Graphic Design, Flyer Design, Leaflet Design, Page Layout, Poster Design, Preparing Print-Ready Artwork

Why InDesign?

There are three Adobe apps – Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator – which are core graphic-design workflow tools that work seamlessly together and, in many cases, overlap in terms of possible outcomes. InDesign isn’t as snazzy as its siblings but packs serious functionality for purpose.

Even for those with no graphic-design aspirations, swapping Microsoft Word or Apple Pages for InDesign will give you the document-layout control you need to create professional-grade designs that will improve your productivity and increase reader engagement. There is a secret sauce and we'll tell you the recipe.

How will I learn?

For those without any InDesign experience, our training begins with a tour of the workspace and basic tools before moving on to loftier objectives. We have a collection of suggested pathways you could follow (see below) or we can apply your newly acquired skills to any custom project(s) that are relevant to your goals.

To encourage a graphic designer’s mindset we will send you a free copy of Graphic Design For Everyone: Understand the Building Blocks so You can Do It Yourself when you sign up for four hours of lessons.

All our courses offer a choice between Adobe software or our free alternative, we’re committed to ensuring nobody is excluded due to low income.

If you have any questions about this training please email us at or call 0113 282 9146.

More knowledge incoming!

We're passionate about the apps and software that we teach and we hope to pass some of that on to you.

These skills can make you powerful so, to make your training more of a learner journey, we'll send you a hand-picked book relevant to your chosen discipline when you sign up for at least 6 hours of training.


Who is this training for?

  • Graphic / web design students and professionals.
  • Marketing students and professionals.
  • A small business owner looking to tidy up company stationery.
  • People who are responsible for company / school communications.
  • Authors who intend to self-publish.

What's covered in this course?

Our dynamic training quickly snaps to learner skill levels and aims but broadly:

  • An overview of the InDesign workspace and tools.
  • How to create a document and set up margins and columns using master pages.
  • Setting up stylesheets and apply throughout a document.
  • Creating an automated table of contents.
  • Importing images from Photoshop and Illustrator.

Will I get a certificate?

Absolutely, but only if you want one. You will be provided with a certificate of attendance and we can optionally add specific achievements and skills learned to the parchment.

Our training is dynamic so we reduce time spent learning tools or techniques that are irrelevant to your chosen path unless they are fundamental to the software and best practice workflow. That's why, for now, we don't issue one-size-fits-all certificates.

What will I need for remote training?

  • A stable internet connection.
  • For Adobe training, a full or trial version of the relevant Adobe app(s) installed on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • For free software like Inkscape, GIMP or Scribus, a full version of the relevant app(s) installed on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • For shared video display with remote control access: Google Meet and Google Remote Desktop.

Lesson pathway suggestions

We’ve put these lesson pathways here to give you an idea of what kind of stuff you could create during your training. Whatever you choose to do, the fundamental skills that you learn along the way can be applied to a multitude of projects.

If you have a specific project you would like to apply your training to you can add details at checkout or let us know via email or phone.

Design Xbox or PlayStation game-box art

Ever wondered how they cut out Lionel Messi or Lexa and put them on the FIFA and Fortnite boxes? This is for you!

Design a fictional box or take inspiration from existing games. Create a logo if you like or put you and your friends on the cover (remember to bring a picture!).

Minimum recommended hours: 3

Communication design for school staff

Human eyes can only read Comic Sans for a limited time (hey, we know it’s not all schools ;).

Learn a little bit about typography and layout in order to improve readability of internal and external documents for staff, parents and other stakeholders.

Avoid design-agency fees and have a go at making your own prospectus or school signage/wayfinding system.

Minimum recommended hours: 12

Annual report / brochure design

Design in-house and pick up a wealth of graphic-design knowledge along the way.

Minimum recommended hours: 12

Design a flyer or poster

Got a party or community group you want people to know about? Here’s how to make something to help get the word out.

Minimum recommended hours: 3

Business stationery

Learn how to create business cards, letterheads, reports, editable PDF forms for invoices and more.

Minimum recommended hours: 3

Book design

Self-publishing a book? Choose from our existing (published and in-print) templates or create a fresh one.

Minimum recommended hours: 12

Your Digital Skills Training

Dynamic curriculum shaped around chosen course, skill level and individual or group goals.

Option to bring a buddy to your first lesson,  maybe a workmate or family member – get ‘em involved! 

Flexible scheduling – lessons are valid for up to one year after purchase.

Free hand-picked, hard-copy book relevant to your chosen digital skill set.

All tuition, follow-ups, skills and employment mentoring comes from local digital skills experts.

Book your digital skills course

Please select how many learners will be attending the training, how much time you would like to book and whether the training will be remote or in-person / onsite. 

After you have completed checkout you will be given the option of: scheduling date(s) and time(s) for your digital skills training.

Please note the free 30 minute consultation can only be selected as a remote option.


Please see the price matrix to find out how our pricing structure works.

Bespoke training

Do you need a mixture of in-person / onsite <-> remote? Easily done! We can create a bespoke costing depending on:

  • What your goals and objectives are (thus how many hours are needed).
  • Your budget.
  • How many learners will be taking part.
  • The location of the training. We charge less if we do the training remotely over video call due to reduced travel time and equipment use.

Hardware and software

Hardware (computers)

We have two fast MacBook Pro laptops that learners can use. You may feel more comfortable learning on your own machine with your own preferences. Either is fine by us, just let us know if you would like us to bring anything.

Software / apps

At any one time we have access to a certain amount of Adobe Creative Cloud licenses but please check with us, especially if the number of learners is high. The same applies to Microsoft Office licenses. As with hardware, if you already have your machine setup with the required software just let us know. We have a list of free and open-source alternatives to mainstream apps – please ask for more details.

Charities and community organisations

As a social enterprise we may be able to offer extra discounts to charities, community interest companies, social enterprises and other community-focused organisations. Please get in touch to discuss.

Number of learnersNumber of hoursBlock booking discountIn-person, onsite priceRemote / video call price
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